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Tribal Shark Tattoos Designs| Tribal Shark Tattoos Idea

So you have decided that you want a tribal shark tattoo as your new ink. It is easy to see why you would choose the symbol of a shark for your artwork. Before you head out to the tattoo parlor to get your new piece done make sure you put some thought into your artwork. Make sure you read some of this advice before you get inked.

You are about to spend a lot of money on your new tattoo. I want to help you avoid getting a bad tattoo. Doing a proper research beforehand can make all the difference between an okay tattoo and an amazing tattoo. So do this research before you spend your hard-earned cash.
There are many free tribal tattoo galleries online, but I recommend that you make an investment and try a pay site. You want your tattoo to be unique so you don't want to use free artwork that has already been seen again and again. A pay site will help you find a tattoo artist that specializes in tribal tattoos. You will also find a great community of like-minded tribal tattoo enthusiasts who can help you with this decision. On top of that, a pay site will have updated lists of recommended local tattoo artists that do tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos are handled a little differently than regular tattoos so that is why you want to find a tattoo artist that knows what they are doing.

I hope this article has helped you consider some things before making such a big decision. Good luck and I hope you find the tribal shark tattoo that makes you happy!

Tribal Shark Tattoos Designs| Tribal Shark Tattoos Idea

For most people, the shark is a symbol that brings fear to others. Throughout history, the shark has been used in numerous movies causing terror and havoc among whomever it contacts. Sharks are also part of the popularity of reality shows. There is a variety of different reasons that someone may consider getting a shark tattoo. Overall, there is two. One, for personal reasons and two, for symbolic meaning.
For example, you may consider a shark tattoo because you are a shark attack survivor. In this case, this tattoo would hold personal significance to whom wears such a tattoo. Another example would be the study of sharks. Someone who studies sharks in a scientific setting may decide to get a shark tattoo. Once again, this is a personal reason. These are just two of many examples why someone may consider getting a shark tattoo.
Other people may get a shark tattoo because of the symbolic meaning the symbol has. The shark symbol has many different meanings. Mainly, it all depends on who you talk to. Most of us know that the shark is fearful and scary. One symbolic example of why someone would wear a shark tattoo is because they consider themselves to be fearless. The shark is considered to fear nothing. Another reason a person may get a shark tattoo symbolically speaking is for protection. In many ancient cultures, the shark plays a vital role. Some believe that the shark symbol is a sign for protection.
Surfers, fishermen, pirates, sailors, and tribes affiliated with the ocean fronts have wore these shark tattoos for both personal and symbolic meaning. Nearly anyone that the ocean provides for may consider such tattoos. Some ancient tribes had many uses for the shark, from food to jewelry. It has been documented that the shark tattoo was common among pirates. Ocean fishermen constantly come in contact with sharks. They have noted how long it takes for sharks to die once they are on board the ship. To these people, sharks are the toughest ocean predator.
The shark is very sacred to the Maori tribe of New Zealand. I make reference to the Maori in most of my tattoo articles. The Maori was one of the first cultures to practice and conquer tattooing. The Maori used tattoos for a variety of different things. They used tattooing to mark class ranks among the tribe. They would also use tattoos to mark great accomplishments. For example, if one of them survived an attack from a shark, that person may receive a shark tattoo. The Maori are a Polynesian tribe and tattooing is very symbolic to their tribe. Their tattoo process was very painful. They would cut the skin and fill it in with ash and soot. Once finished, the ash and soot settled with a black pigment.
The Maori believed that the shark rules all aquatic creatures. They often referred to the shark as "the king of the waters". To the Maori, the shark is a noble creature. The Maori had high regards to the shark and its abilities as a top predator. Shark tattoos were not the only tattoo used. Shark teeth were also used by the tribe and hold symbolic meanings. The shark tooth stands for victory. It can also refer to a higher command. For example, the shark tooth would be given to a person with authority. A chief of a tribe might wear a shark tooth to symbolize his power. The Maori refer to shark teeth as "Mako".
The shark tattoo can stand for many different things and hold many different symbolic meanings. Strength and power are two popular meanings of the shark tattoo. Although this tattoo holds symbolic meaning, many people wear this type of tattoo for personal beliefs and reasons. The shark tattoo holds many positive meanings, but also holds a few negative meanings. Depending on the culture or people you speak to, there are split meanings among many. One example is the shark can stand for fearless, but it can also stand for fear.
Another popular meaning for the shark tattoo is protection and security. Ancient cultures believed that the shark tattoo would provide protection and security. Some people look at the weapons the shark has and how it is a dominant predator of the ocean. Another meaning for the shark tattoo is agile. The shark is very agile and moves swiftly under the water. Those who feel that the shark matches their personal traits may choose a shark tattoo for that reason.
The shark is a fearless predator of the ocean and has been for millions of years. The sharks skills and abilities make it the top predator of the oceans. Sharks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Not only are they great hunters and predators, they are very intelligent. The shark is one of the smartest creatures in the world.
The shark is also an extreme survivor. They have survived in the oceans for millions of years. The shark has always had the ability to adapt to their environment. At this day and age, they are one of the most feared creatures. The shark has top of the line senses that it uses to look for food. It has built in sonar that can detect the slightest movement in the waters. It also has the ability to smell blood from a very long distance. To many, the shark is one of the top hunters in history.
If you have ever looked at shark tattoos, then you have probably noticed that some of them are realistic and some look like a cartoon. The shark is a popular character to use in tattooing and drawing. I have seen shark tattoos with the shark playing pool. I would come to think that the tattoo stands for a "pool shark". This means that the person is very good at playing pool. Another example is called a "card shark". A tattoo such as this would show a shark playing cards. This is just an example of how the word "shark" is portrayed at this day and age. If you are called a shark at something, it usually means that it is something that you are very good at. These type of tattoos can be on a serious note, but it can also be used as a humor tattoo.
The shark tattoo can be placed in many different areas, as you can already see in the images. The same can be said for the shark tooth as well. Overall, the upper arm and the back shoulders seem to be the most popular. They are also put on the back calf as well. The choice of location is all up to you.
As you have read, there are a large variety of different sharks and designs that can be used with the shark tattoo. There is also a wide range of meanings and reasons for getting a shark tattoo.
The shark tattoo can be used in a few different styles of tattooing. The tribal style and Pacific style would probably be the top two. Personally, I think it looks good when it is done in tribal art. These tattoos are also put in landscape tattoos. For some, the shark holds high symbolic meaning.
In closing, be sure to do your research and look at a variety of different tattoo styles and designs before you choose a tattoo of any kind. Many people rush into the tattooing process and later regret that choice. In most cases, the tattoo can't be removed or covered. If you are not sure on a design, be sure to follow the links below and see if you can find a style and meaning that you like. Every article has pictures included.

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