Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Angel Devil Tattoos Designs| Angel Devil Tattoos Idea

The angel and devil tattoos that most people would put on their bodies would be of the "spiritual being" variety, as opposed to the "holy person" or “evil person” variety. Another definition that's sometimes given for the term "angel" involves someone who financially backs a theatrical production; somehow, it seems unlikely that anyone's going to want an illustration like that anywhere on their body.

Angel Devil Tattoos Designs| Angel Devil Tattoos Idea

Angel/Devil Hybrid Figure

  • A figure, typically of a woman, that is half-angel and half-devil can be an interesting tattoo idea. Wings generally represent the angelic side, while small horns sprouting from the forehead area (or at the top of the head) represent the devilish side. The angel/devil hybrid figure can be customized in any way the tattoo artist and the customer wish.

Angel Wing Tattoos

  • Angel wings, often placed on the back around the shoulder blade area, are a popular choice for people who want a large tattoo that is easily concealable. Angel wings may extend from the top of the shoulder blade to the mid-back, or down to the tail bone. Angel wings are generally inked to look feathery, light, and give the illusion of motion when the person moves. Angel wings can represent religion, loved ones who have passed away, or just a beautiful tattoo design.

Devil Wing Tattoos

  • Devil wing tattoos are quite different from angel wing designs, often presenting a much darker and stylized appearance. Devil wings are generally inked to look scaly, dark, and pointed at the tips. Some people who choose devil tattoos may elect to have not just devil wings, but also a demon in the center of those wings, seemingly emerging from the back.

Cartoon Angel/Devil

  • An angel and devil tattoo can be done cartoon-style. A figure, either male or female, is sometimes drawn in anime style (generally this is a young teen or child, as with most anime characters). The figure can be drawn with both a halo as the symbol of an angel, and a pitchfork as the symbol of the devil. The figure can also have a harp, wings, a long flowing robe or other angelic symbols. Other devilish symbols can include scaly wings, horns, red eyes or fire.

Angel/Devil Hearts

  • A pair of hearts can be inked, one symbolizing an angel and the other symbolizing the devil. The angel heart can be red, blue, white, gold or silver and can be topped with a golden halo or wings. The devil heart can be red, black, gray or other dark color, and may be topped with tiny horns, a forked tail, or other devilish symbol. The forked tail and the wings, if used, can be merged together to unite the two hearts if desired.

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