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Jaime King Tattoos Meaning| Jaime King Tattoos Pictures

She is said to come from a Roman Catholic background.
And it seems that Jaime King has praised the lord with her latest inking.
The 33-year-old model-turned-actress has followed in the footsteps of pop star Katy Perry and has had the word 'Jesus' tattooed on her body.
The blonde Hart Of Dixie star had the script etched on the side of her hand, just above another existing tattoo of a spade on her wrist.

Jaime King Tattoos Meaning

Jaime debuted the new tattoo on her Twitter account on Thanksgiving Thursday.
'Do u like my new tat?' she asked her fans on the social networking page.

Perry, who comes from an evangelistic background, has a similar inking on her wrist.
This isn't the first tattoo Jaime has had done.
She has her surname, two stars and a fairy on her back, a diamond and spade at the wrists and an Emily Dickinson quote on the inside of her left arm.
In an interview with Inked magazine, Jaime says at times she has regretted her tattoos because they can be difficult to cover up for her craft.
'There have been times where I had to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning because I had to be on set two hours extra so they could cover them,' she told the magazine. 'But that's the only downside.'
Jaime is a successful actress and director.
The Sin City star recently made a 12-minute drama called Latch Key, which stars her husband, director Kyle Newman, and newcomer Alex Jegeris.
The short is about a 14-year-old girl named Emma who has her first day back to school after her mother’s sudden death.
Jaime and Kyle met in January 2005 on the set of Fanboys, which Kyle was directing.
Three months later, they moved in together. Kyle proposed two years later, in the spring, and they were married later that year in Los Angeles.

Jaime King Tattoos Pictures

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