Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back Tattoos| Tattoo Designs for the Back of Neck

There is a Back tattoos designs for each and every part of your body. The result is that you can avail almost any kind of tattoo on any place that you want. There are special tattoos for the chest, the arms, back and the back of the neck. In this, there are separate segments for men and women because their choice and taste varies. Also what looks good on them varies because of their physique and stature.

Back Tattoos| Tattoo Designs for the Back of Neck

First speaking of tattoo designs for the back of the neck for girls, we see that they usually like small delicate tattoo designs. These may include single-toned or colored tattoos. Both ways they look admirable and exciting. Small tattoo designs include tiny butterflies or flowers. Girls opt for light hearted stuff sometimes. In that case they appreciate a design that has some ornamental value added to it. For example some girls may like a tattoo of necklace drawn around the neck. They may consider having a rosary around the throat as well. The highlight is that the pendant of the necklace and the crucifix of the rosary are placed at the back of the neck. This means that the main decoration is at the back of the neck.
A single cross, some wise words, a single word like “love” or “peace” which have some devotional meaning can be written at the back of the neck. Girls may want to have their name written too. They can embellish it however they may like. Some can have lips drawn around as if in a kiss. This makes a nice feminine tattoo. On the other hand, a small angel can be designed. A tiny little moth as if just about to vanish can be given shape. Delicate and feathery wings add beauty to the tattoo.
On the contrary, men have some different preferences and choice of style. They may have the initials of their name written. Some like a deadly scorpion at the back of their neck. There are some men who would want a dove in flight while few would go for a serpent or some elephantine creature’s face. The “R” of a sub-genre of music that represents Reggae is often symbolized with wings to reveal the sense of freedom of thought. This is a loved back tattoos design in men especially. The symbol of peace is represented in a centripetal triangle enclosed in a circle. All these Back tattoo designs are well-loved among men and women as they show what the signs associate with.

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