Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tattoo Designs of Dream Catcher For Men and Girls

In the land of native America, the dream catcher is a well-known and renowned symbol. It is a tattoo design that became very famous in the last few decades and has been caught on by people of all categories. It makes a colorful and one of the most artistic motifs.  The most interesting part is that a dream catcher tattoo does not have any particular pattern that it follows and can be made in a variety of ways. This means that both genders look forward to a lot of choices if they want to have a tattoo design made of a dream catcher.

Tattoo Designs of Dream Catcher For Men and Girls

The meaning of dream catcher is still ambivalent to some people. It is often believed that the dream catcher had its roots in the Astonishing. Known as the Chippewa in America and the Ojibwa in Canada, they believed that there was a mythical spider woman. They believed that she would visit the cribs of newly born babies and spin a web around them for their protection. With the passage of time, it became impossible for her to visit all infants and thereby the women of the tribe began to make the dream catcher to protect their newborn babies. This is why in some tribes; the dream catcher is designed with eight points to match the eight legs of the spider. Soon afterwards, the dream catcher started getting a colorful makeover as a means to keep babies entertained. It came to be believed that the dream catcher would keep away bad dreams and evil spirits and only let the good ones come near the babies.
With this beautiful and loving sentiment at the back of the tattoo design of a dream catcher backing it, along with such an agreeable visual impact, one cannot but feel drawn to a dream catcher tattoo design. When you are attempting to get one, make sure that you fully comprehend the significance of the dream catcher tattoo design. It goes without saying for a Native American this tattoo stands for his or her rich cultural history, beliefs and tribal background.
Even if you do not have the Native American blood streaming through your system, you can still respect the feelings and thought behind this tattoo design. Besides, you know you have many options to pick from. There are wide array of designs some even including animals. The animal designs serve the purpose of making the dream catcher tattoo design more attractive. The tattoo can be made on almost any part of your body, depending upon how you feel. The best and most recommended places are the arm, wrist, forearm, rear of the neck, belly, flank and thigh.

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