Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cross Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

With the passage of time, skillful tattooists have continued to experiment with all sorts of patterns and unusual designs. People have often been observed as keen on getting some sort of image made on them in the shape of a tattoo. Considering that a tattoo has some meaning or connotes something deeper, the tattoo becomes all the more attractive and captures the eye. The tattoo design of cross has lately gained a lot of popularity.

Cross Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

It is quite rare that you behold the tattoo of a cross that is plain and without decoration. Tattooists put in their most valued stamina into bringing out some creative masterpiece every time they try their hand at making a tattoo. You are most likely to witness tattoo designs of crosses that have a speck of embellishment added to them to enhance their natural beauty. A wreath of flowers or a halo denotes a different and new meaning to the tattoo of a cross. Sometimes you may find that the cross tattoo has the added beauty of wings that convey a sense of another realm.
These kinds of tattoos become otherworldly and have to say something about the spiritual realm too. They are visual and have the essence of sublimity. There are many people who choose to have a tattoo design of a cross that is protected in holy cloth. This sort of tattoo is most often seen on the chest as this reveals a feeling of belonging and commitment to one’s faith and religious beliefs no matter how orthodox.

Cross Tattoo Designs For Men

Cross Tattoo Designs For Women

There may be various stances when you see a tattoo of a cross that is a brusque manifestation of the scene of crucifixion. I is graphic and definitely not without meaning. Such a tattoo usually has the face of Christ that is burdened with pain and sacrifice. This religious tattoo requires the tattooist to carry out his work with the finest delicacy and refinement. This tattoo design of cross looks good on the chest or the back since it is often quite elaborate.
Apart from the above mentioned tattoos that basically show respect for religion, there are agnostic tattoo designs of cross made by those people who deny God’s authority and sovereignty. These tattoo designs reveal a cross on fire or shows that a serpent is viciously coiled around the base of it. The pagan crucifix may or may not have the image of Christ on it. However, it is true that such tattoos are disturbing to look at, let alone bear  them.


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