Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tattoo Designs of Dogs For Men and Girls

People love to tattoo everything and with all sorts of designs. It is beyond anyone’s imagination what there is that we can have as tattoo. From reality to fantasy, everything can be regarded as a tattoo design. So if you get a tattoo of your pet, there is nothing extraordinary about it. People are crazy about one thing or another. If you are particularly fond of dogs and they fascinate you beyond words, then these tattoo designs of dogs are for you.
In the first instant, if you have a pet dog belonging to a rare breed, it is most likely that tyou would like to have its tattoo on yourself. A nice and unique idea for that is, a big picture tattoo of your dog with its name written underneath. Either the name or just the initials, it is up to you.

Tattoo Designs of Dogs For Men and Girls

Second, you can have the image of a dog on the back of your shoulder. The tattooist has to bear in mind that the portrayal of the dog must be realistic. The right kind of shading and the right amount of color, if the tattoo is colored, is required. The breed and features of the dog are supposed to be highlighted in order to make a natural portrayal of the animal.
The chest is a good place for the tattoo of your dog. On either side of your chest, you can have a tattoo design of a dog’s image. If it is your pet, then the idea is justified. If it isn’t, then it is clear that you are a big admirer of dog species. You may have a tattoo design of a dog on your wrist as an armband. Behind the ear is a nice place if you do not want the tattoo design to gain much attention. In this way the tattoo design will remain subtle and you will have the satisfaction that you are carrying a tattoo design of your choice.
If you choose to get just the face of the dog as a tattoo, then you have to care of the shading. Right shading creates the right impact. The tattooist’s skill is truly put to test once you request a tattoo design of a dog. However, there are colored tattoos of dogs as well. In them, the background color plays a great role in creating impact. The dog may or may not be ferocious looking. It can be simply a tattoo of your pet on 
your chest. On the other hand, if need be, the tattoo of dog can be dangerous looking too!

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