Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tattoo Designs of Crosses for Men| Crosses Tattoo Designs for Women

We know that there is a common trend among both Christians and pagans, that they love to have tattoo designs of crosses on them. Women and men like the tattoo design alike but still there are few designs with some slight differences for the two genders. Men often like elaborate designs of the cross and the design must have intricacy and some deeper philosophical or religious meaning to it.

Tattoo Designs of Crosses for Men| Crosses Tattoo Designs for Women

There are some really unique designs that must be tried out by men. Among these tattoo designs of crosses for men, there is a design that bears a simple cross on the back. It is up to you how you want the cross to be decorated, or if you would like it to be plain. On the other hand, tattoo designs of crosses for women include a rather graphic image of the crucifix that bears the Christ. How you go about the design, totally depends on your taste. Some men like the scene to be quite visual and lifelike, while some men like the tattoo designs to be somewhat subtle.
A very manly design includes that of a thick wooden cross with a holy cloth wrapped around it. This tattoo may be made on the inner side of the forearm. The thickness of the cross determines that the cross is specially meant for men because of the masculine traits attached to it. a cross on your chest goes to show that you are committed to your faith. On this stance, `the cross denotes that Christ lives in your heart and you belong to him. This is a good way of manifesting your faith as it lets the entire world or whoever looks at you, know what you feel deep inside about religion.
There are different designs of crosses that can be experimented with when you get your tattoo. In the real world there are various patterns on a cross to beautify it. similarly, in tattoos, you may try your chest or the wrist to get one of those gorgeous designs of crosses for men. The delicate nature and essence of that cross tattoo will make you want to worship it.
There may be two hands joined devotion-ally in a prayer right underneath a cross. This tattoo design looks very nice on the bicep since it gives out a feeling that you are carrying around your shield on your shoulder. A tattoo design of cross for men and women also includes a design that shows that the cross is made up of six-inch long nails, symbolizing the nails with which Christ was put on the cross.

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