Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dragon Tattoos For Men| Tattoo Designs of Dragons

There are tattoos available in all designs and forms. Tattoos come from reality around you as well as from the fantasy world that you live in. For example you might want to have a tattoo made on a part of your body that fascinates you or takes you by surprise that you are so enraptured by it that you want it to be a part of you. In these instances, there is a complete world of tattoo designs for you. Among these, dragon images are clearly ranked among the top ones.
A dragon is normally considered to be a part of the fictitious world. Imaginary beings are dominated by figures like dragons because of their enormity and an overwhelming presence. A dragon’s mouth opened that is opened viciously with a snake’s body is not at all a positive image. However, if you get tis made in the form of a tattoo on the back of your neck, you will definitely see people stopping by to take a look at your extraordinary tattoo design.

Dragon Tattoos For Men| Tattoo Designs of Dragons 

Dragons are usually given a coiling shape, like that of a twisted ‘S’. It may be horizontal or vertical. It is up to you. Nonetheless, the image casts its impact in the form of a tattoo if it is on your back. The size of the dragon may be doubled, depending on how big you want your tattoo design to be.
The figure of a dragon in a tattoo design may be abstract too. It means that your dragon tattoo may consist of irregular lines and curves. If the edges are disjointed, then the tattoo will create a new effect and will look even more artistic. Still, a tattooist must only attempt this kind of designing if he has complete trust in his skill because a single rough line can spoil the entire tattoo.
A dragon burning in fire is a nice and new tattoo design. A long powerful dragon coiling at your lower back looks a mighty good tattoo design. If it is single shaded in black or grey, it is fine. But if you want to add more impact to the tattoo design of dragon, then you can have the surrounding fire painted red or orange. This would highlight what you actually have on your mind and the tattoo will look prettier.
A tattoo design of a dragon wrapped around a tree trunk looks good. Similarly, a huge dragon tattoo covering the entire back is a good idea for this sort of tattoo design. The tattooist may or may not make use of fire or other elements to make the tattoo design more overpowering.

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