Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tattoo Designs of Dolphins| Dolphin Tattoos Idea

Human mind is full of diverse things, emotions and sentiments. All these accumulate and seek -expression in one way or another. Apart from coining down your feelings on a piece of paper, why not try a new thing and use your own body to reveal what and how you feel. Tattoos or body art gives way to expressing yourself in a totally unique and new way.
There are many kinds of tattoo designs that include various images inspired from animal and bird life. The choice is ours how to go about the idea. Among images from animal life, fish are becoming popular too. Dolphins are considered to be friendly fish and are known for offering recreational fun to people. Their beauty and innocence can be captured in a lovey tattoo and the beauty can be aptly preserved.

Tattoo Designs of Dolphins| Dolphin Tattoos Idea

A tiny little tattoos designs carrying a dolphin in play on top of your ankle is considered to be among one of the best designs in the world of tattoo. It is an open choice whether you want the tattoo to be single shaded or you want it to be painted blue. The advantage of painting your tattoo and giving it color is that the tattoo looks more life- like.
Two dolphins upside down represent something. They go on to symbolize a state of mind. In between the space left, there may be a name or two written as well. In girls, a dolphin tattoo right next to the belly button looks awesome. Around the back and near the ear also, this tattoo looks quite good.
Since dolphins are normally associated with bringing a playful image to the mind, it is best that the dolphin tattoo design shows a dolphin playing in water with cheerful bubbles all around. This sort of tattoo brings a sense of joviality and aid in relaxation of the mind since the tattoo serves as a positive motif that satisfies the heart and soul.
A good tattoo idea for the arm is that of a dolphin’s face emerging from with water and icicles. It is best if the tattoo is colored. Girls like dolphin tattoos on their necks that show a cute sunset with a lovely little dolphin playing in sea. Similar tattoo designs can be made on the lower back of girls too. That form of dolphin tattoo designs looks petite and very feminine.
A tattooist may make a tattoo design of a dolphin playing with a ball and diving in sea water. A similar design can be made in a miniature form on the hand. If you color the tattoo then you are in the benefit of being the one who captures attention.

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