Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flower Tattoo Designs| Tattoo Designs of Daisy Flowers

Daisy flowers belong to one of the largest families of flowers in the world. They are found almost everywhere except for Antarctica. Daisy flowers represent innocence and purity. A daisy is actually two flowers, one within the other, if you observe closely. Bees also love daisy flowers. That much said, there are various heart catching designs of daisy flowers as tattoos. They look wonderful and are more popular in girls.
In the first place, a girl may have a plain daisy flower made at the back of her shoulder. Whether it is double or single –shaded, it depends on you. You may have a delicate pattern of daisy flowers made and a ring of leaves can encircle the flowers, adding a tint of glamour to your tattoo. If the middle of the flower is yellow and the petals are white, the leaves can be shaded in grey and black. This will highlight the tattoo.
Second, you may have a tattoo design of daisy flowers on one or both of your feet. This can be done very artistically if you choose to have a bale of daisy flowers made. What can be done is, you create a tiny delicate ring and wrap the daisy flowers around that string. The entire tattoo will surely look very good and attractive.
Girls like to have colored tattoo designs as well. Especially if the tattoo is that of flowers then it is a good idea to have the tattoo with a little color. For this purpose, you can offer your arm to be tattooed. Bright pink daisy flowers would definitely look nice and if the flowers are also decorated with a little backdrop, be sure that your tattoo looks amazing.

Flower Tattoo Designs| Tattoo Designs of Daisy Flowers 

Girls may prefer having a complete bouquet of daisy flowers on their bicep. If that is the case, right amount of color and adequate shading are required. It is up to you if you want to rely totally on shading or if you wish to add up some color in very little quantity. A lone daisy flower sitting graciously at the back of your neck looks nice too.
There is a unique tattoo design that of a lady bug quietly crawling over a daisy flower. This tattoo design is very beautiful and perfect for a delicate looking tattoo design on one of your feet. Apart from this, you can have a whole bunch of daisy flowers on your foot. If the tattoo is colored then t will look prettier and the impact will be enhanced.

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